Denture Services

Dentures to replace lost or damaged teeth.

Before Cosmetic Dentures
Before Cosmetic Dentures
After Cosmetic Dentures
After Cosmetic Dentures

Smile Improvement for 100% of denture patients is possible with our special Cosmetic Denture Service.

Outstanding cosmetic results for denture wearers which creates the appearance of natural teeth rather than the "denture look" of false teeth is guaranteed. Skin wrinkles can usually be improved but not completely eliminated.

There are 3 types of dentures:

-Immediate Dentures- These are dentures made when a patient still has their natural teeth, but must lose them due to disease or any other reason. A set of dentures is fabricated ahead of the appointment where teeth are removed and the denture is placed, giving patients the option never having to go without teeth.

-Traditional Dentures- These are dentures made on a patient that is already missing all of their teeth. A series of appoinments is made that begins with an impression being taken to start the process of making a new set of dentures. The process can take 4 to 5 visits and about a month to complete. We utilize local, high quality labs to fabricate our dentures, giving us full control of the process and allowing us to provide our patients the most high quality, and lifelike results. 

Dr. Rashid's years of prosthodontic experience, coupled with our extraordinary laboratory partner offers denture patients the opportunity to look their best.

  • Five appointments are required and the process takes about 4 weeks.
  • Denture adjustments are usually necessary for a few weeks and are included in the fee

-Implant retained dentures

Implant Supported dentures are a great option for patients looking for a more secure option to dentures than traditional dentures without implants. Often times, our Clearwater office is able to place dental implants in certain areas of the mouth to allow for a denture to be fastened to, giving patients a great option for a secure set of teeth at a reasonable cost.

The entire process starts with a consultation which includes a 3D image of your jaws to determine if implants are an option. We then have a discussion regarding your goals for your teeth in the future. We will do a thorough examination of your teeth and gums and plan accordingly how we can proceed with implants and replacing your teeth. Finally a financial arrangement will be made after discussing the costs of the procedures and we will then schedule subsequent appointments.

We are also the only office in Pinellas County that works hand in hand with New Teeth Now, an office of surgeons located in Lakeland who specialize in same day placement of implants and new sets of teeth. This is a great option for patients who are only interested in having teeth that they are unable to take in and out themselves. We work closely with this office to provide a local office for our patients in Pinellas county to minimize the trips to Lakeland to basically just the 1 or 2 surgical visits and the restorative work is done here in Clearwater. 

Schedule an examination and consultation appointment to learn if Cosmetic Dentures can improve the quality of your life. (727) 531-9363

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