Immediate Dentures

Patients often times find themselves in situations where removal of their remaining teeth and placement of dentures is their only option.  The most predictable way of getting a good set of dentures made is to ensure adequate healing time has occurred after teeth have been removed.  We recognize that for most people, not having teeth for an extended period of time is not an option. That is why immediate dentures are made.  A set of dentures is fabricated ahead of the appointment where teeth are removed and the denture is placed, giving patients the option never having to go without teeth.

The process begins with impressions taken of your existing teeth and gums. Our local denture laboratory will use this impression as a guide to custom choose the size and shape of your teeth and set them up in the most natural way possible to ensure a comfortable, functional, and natural looking set of teeth to wear while healing occurs.

We advise patients that they will wear this immediate, or temporary, set of dentures for 6 to 8 months while they are healing from the teeth being removed. Our clearwater denture specialist will continue to provide support and treatment during the healing process until you are ready for your permanent set. At that point patients are able to decide whether traditional dentures or implant retained dentures are right for them.

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