Traditional Dentures

Patients missing their teeth often look to traditional dentures as a cost effective option for replacing all of their teeth. A series of appointments is made that begins with an impression being taken to start the process of making a new set of dentures. The process can take 4 to 5 visits and about a month to complete. We utilize local, high quality labs to fabricate our dentures, giving us full control of the process and allowing us to provide our patients the most high quality, and lifelike results. 

Our goal is to provide you with the most comfortable and best looking dentures possible. 

Dr. Rashid's years of prosthodontic experience, coupled with our extraordinary laboratory partner offers denture patients the opportunity to look their best.

  • Five appointments are required and the process takes about 4 weeks.
  • Denture adjustments are usually necessary for a few weeks and are included in the fee

Dentures are at the end of the day a removable prosthetic. Much like a prosthetic for any other part of the body, dentures do have some limitations. We do everything in our power to fabricate a great set of dentures, but ultimately patients looking for the most secure option, often have to explore dental implants and implant retained dentures as a solution.

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